First Bite - 3 new investments

Simon Newstead
Simon Newstead
min read
Oct 25, 2023

Better fat, better whole cuts, better pet food.

We have 3 new investments as part of our First Bite initiative to share today - and that we're back open for applications 🌱

As a refresher, First Bite offers $50 - $150k checks into new and aspiring founders with their new climate-friendly food-tech ventures.

Our new investments are:

Fattastic from Singapore who are engineering plant-based fats to enhance the sensory and functional attributes of plant-based meat and dairy. Its exclusive oil structuring technology transforms plant-based oils into solid states to resemble animal fats. Founder Satnam Singh is a former researcher at A*STAR agency in Singapore.

Pivot Eat from Australia is developing a novel process to improve the structure and scalability of whole-cut meat alternatives. Founder Ann Limley is a food science PhD with over 20 years of R&D experience in the food industry in Singapore, Europe and Australia.

Everything But from South Korea is Asia’s first cultivated meat startup focused on pet food. With a rapidly growing number of dogs and cats across Asia, comes increased environmental impact, given the meat centric diet of most pets. Everything But is working on more sustainable, protein-rich pet food with high taste, texture and nutritional quality. The company was founded by veterinarians and scientists. CEO Yoonchan Hwang has prior startup experience.

Congrats to our founders for getting their startups off the ground and we're excited to see the results of their innovation.