Focus areas.

Early stage investments in climate-friendly food tech startups in Asia Pacific.

With over a quarter of global emissions coming from food and dominated by animal agriculture and the Asia Pacific region, our fund was setup with impact in mind.

If your project moves us to a better food system for people, animals and planet, let's talk.

Plant based
Biomass fermentation
Precision fermentation
Molecular farming
Climate agritech




How much do you invest? 🙋
Our checks are normally
$ 200k+ USD.

We also have a First Bite initiative to fund folks even earlier in the journey, from $ 50 to 150k.
Got it! And terms?🙏
We like SAFEs - they're founder friendly and great for early stage 🌱

Founder friendly.
No red tape.

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What our founders say...

Ann Limley

"Better Bite are our first check. Simon & Michal are willing to back ambitious projects from the start”

Chenfeng Lu

"The team were super responsive and friendly. We had a great experience in our pre-seed”

Helga Angelina

"Michal and Simon believed in us from the earliest days, through all the ups and downs"


Meet our food tech heroes.

Creating innovative plant & mycelium based functional ready meals for Asian consumers, co-founded by Eve Samyuktha and Mike Huang

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Co-culturing microalgae and mycelium to create more sustainable and functional ingredients. Singapore based and co-founded by Jon Ho and Albertus Sarwono

Learn more

Working to become a leader in biomass fermentation in China, founded by Chenfeng Lu

Learn more

China’s pioneering cultivated meat startup, founded by Ziliang Yang

Learn more

Founded in Australia and reinventing cheese globally with precision fermentation technology, co-founded by David Bucca and Prof. Junior Te’o

Learn more

Stealth-mode startup, developing novel bioreactor-free technology. Co-founded by PhDs in bioengineering and food science

Crafting creamy plant-based ice cream from cauliflower. Based in New Zealand and co-founded by food technologist Mrinali Kumar and vegan chef Jenni Matheson

Learn more

Asia’s first cultivated meat startup focused on pet food, co-founded by Yoonchan Hwang, headquartered in South Korea

Transforming mushrooms into meat, co-founded by Michael Fox and Jim Fuller, headquartered in Australia and expanding globally

Learn more

Engineering plant-based fats to enhance the sensory and functional attributes of plant-based meat and dairy, founded by Satnam Singh and based in Singapore

Learn more

South East Asia’s leading plant-based meat and dairy startup, co-founded by Helga Angelina and Max Mandias in Indonesia

Learn more

Unlocking the potential of localized and affordable plant protein products in India, founded by Gaurav Sharma

Learn more

India's first cultivated seafood startup, striving to enhance the sustainability of the seafood industry. Co-founded by Nithin Shetty and Swapnil Kamble

Learn more

Worked to recreate the magic of human breast milk, a large infant nutrition market, with cell-based technology. The company was co-founded by Esha Saxena and Luis Malaver-Ortega in Australia

Developing cultivated poultry out of Singapore, co-founded by Elwin Tan, Jason Chua, Benjamin Chua and Prof. Teh Bin Tean

Learn more

Miruku, pioneering the future of dairy through molecular farming technology, co-founded by Amos Palfreyman, Ira Bing, Oded Shoseyov and Harjinder Singh in New Zealand

Learn more

Bean-free coffee powered by an innovative upcycling fermentation platform. Founded by Jake Berber and Ding Jie (DJ) Tan in Singapore.

Learn more

The first full-stack precision fermentation dairy company in the world's largest dairy market, India, founded by Bharath Bakaraju

Learn more

Based in Australia, developing a novel process to improve the structure and scalability of whole-cut meat alternatives, founded by Ann Limley

India's Liberate Foods, makers of Shaka Harry plant-based snacks and meals, co-founded by Anand Nagarajan, Sandeep Devgan, Ruth Renitha and Anoop Haridasan

Learn more

Next Gen Foods, makers of TiNDLE plant-based chicken, co-founded by Timo Recker and Andre Menezes, based out of Singapore

Learn more

Tackling sustainability issues of seafood by developing cell-cultured fish, founded by Mihir Pershad in Singapore

Learn more

Based in Sydney and obsessed with inventing cultured meat products that are tastier, more nutritious, and more sustainable than meat from animals, co-founded by George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith

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Mission driven operators.

Michal Klar
Founding Partner

An experienced startup operator and investor. 12 years in Asia Pacific. Ex-Naspers. Michal grew OLX Indonesia to millions of users and launched Thailand's leading C2C marketplace with Tencent. Driven by environmental sustainability, plant-based for years and dedicated to accelerating the climate transition in Asia.

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Simon Newstead
Founding Partner

Startup founder and impact investor. Half Indonesian, with years based in Hong Kong. Scaled Juniper's emerging tech business in Asia, and co-founded mobile game company Frenzoo and plant-based food company Bite Society (sold). Over a decade vegan, Simon is passionate about doing good better, and supporting those making change.

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Saksham Jain
Finance and Ops Lead

Passionate about a better food system, climate impact and finance, Saksham has operating experience growing two plant-based businesses. As a chartered accountant he also brings several years experience in Audit and M&A with Ernst and Young India.



Eshan Samaranayake

A patent-holding biotech scientist with startup experience, Eshan is passionate about using science and business to address the most pressing climate and social challenges in our food system.

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Sonalie Figueiras
Venture Partner

Serial entrepreneur, the founder & editor-in-chief of Green Queen, an award-winning impact media platform and one of the world's leading outlets for alternative protein news and analysis. She founded Ekowarehouse and co-founded, the world's first global marketplace for sustainable packaging with a mission to fight single-use plastic waste.


Friends and backers

Better Bite is backed by major impact investors, growth stage fund managers, family offices as well as food and tech entrepreneurs from Asia, the U.S. and Europe. We also collaborate with technical experts in food science, cultivated meat and other areas of biotechnology. We're thankful for the support of our Better Bite Tribe!

How it works.

A simple investment process.

Here's a common flow.

At each step we'll get back to you if we're good for the next step. If not, we'll share why.


Getting in touch 👋

No warm intros needed, simply send your deck to - Michal and Simon read and reply to all. If you want to chat first our contacts are here


First call 👩🏻

Normally a zoom to get to know you, your team and vision, and also for us to answer any questions you have. The session is friendly and informal.


Digging in 🔍

We'll send questions to help us understand the market, technology and your team better, so we can do our assessment. If you have a data-room, this is a good time to share it. It's also a chance to talk with our other founders.

Based on this Michal and Simon will come to a go/no-go decision.


Termsheet 🤝🏻

We suggest a YC based SAFE which is founder friendly, fast and simple. We're fine with convertible notes or equity too. Once valuation and terms are agreed, we'll do a 1-page termsheet.

Next is due diligence which we try to finish within a few weeks.


Money wired 🌱

Once due diligence is done and we're all happy, we'll sign legals and transfer the funds!

From that point, as one of our portfolio companies we'll support your startup journey all the way. Whenever you need help or a sounding board we're here.

Our values.

A personal commitment to you.


Trust for the long term 🤝🏼

Above all, we value long term relationships built on trust, rather than short-term, zero-sum thinking. We know world-changing R&D takes time - and that's just fine with us.


Ethics matter 😇

We will always respect your wishes and what's confidential will never be shared. How we do what we do is important.


Clear communication 📖

We've been on the other side of the table raising money, and we know what it's like to be ghosted by VCs who don't respect your efforts. We promise to always let you know where you stand and answer your questions clearly.


Responsiveness 🛵

Sitting around waiting for days or weeks for a reply to a message is frustrating. We strive to always stay fast and responsive, and avoid red-tape.


We work for you 👍🏻

At the end of the day, our top priority to help you succeed. Everything else is secondary.


Giving back 🐣

Apart from supporting startup founders, we also make time for contributing to the community, career advice and mentoring.

We also give to climate, animal welfare and human health & development causes. For us it's about planet and purpose.


Stay in the loop.

Emails on Asia's climate friendly food tech industry and the latest portco updates.

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