Welcoming Saksham!

Simon Newstead
Simon Newstead
min read
May 20, 2023

Big news, Better Bite is welcoming Saksham Jain to the team. Let's get to know him better...

Welcome Saksham, would you like to intro yourself?

Hi, I'm the new Finance and Ops Lead here at Better Bite Ventures. I'm really excited to be joining the team and looking forward to learning more about all the work. I've been working in the plant-based industry for close to 3 years and I have a lot of experience in Finance, startups, operations management, Audit and M&A. I'm also a big fan of movies and travel.

What got you interested in working with startups?

I always wanted to learn every gambit of starting, growing and succeeding in a business and what better way to do that than managing the operations of a promising startup, which I learned a lot from and led me to this opportunity to have more impact working with a range of high potential companies.

And how about alternative protein and the plant-based space?

Being a firm believer of animal welfare and sustainability I always researched about long term solutions to these issues. When I learnt about how alt protein and plant based space will help us secure a more sustainable and promising future, I realized that it's a meaningful cause I wanted to get behind and work on.

Great, so what things will you be doing at Better Bite?

I shall be managing the finance and operations side of work for Better Bite, management of portfolio companies, prospective investments and learning in the process. I am particularly excited to learn about various technologies and developments in the alt protein industry

Are there any technologies or areas you think are particularly interesting?

Having worked in the plant based space earlier I am now excited to learn more about cell based and fermentation technologies and how they will change the landscape of food we consume.

Visit with Bharath Bakaraju at Phyx44 labs

You recently visited some of our portfolio companies, can you share how that was?

It was very interesting to visit a plant based company (Shaka Harry) and a fermentation company (Phyxx44) and learn about the technologies, growth, stage at which these companies are currently directly from the founders/teams. It helped form a relationship and deepen understanding of the work that goes on the ground.

And work aside, what do you enjoy doing for fun outside of office hours?

I'm a big foodie, so post work you can always find me at the most new/must try restaurant, food joint in town. I also love travelling and exploring new places and learn about their history..

Great to have you join us Saksham!