New investment: AgriG8

Michal Klar
Michal Klar
min read
Jun 12, 2024

Today we're announcing our first investment in rice decarbonisation 🌾

Rice cultivation is one of the top sources of food and agri emissions - overall, it is responsible for ~2% of greenhouse gas emissions, on par with global aviation.

And as much as 10% of man-made emission of methane, very potent greenhouse gas.

Enter AgriG8 - a Singapore start up solving this problem using tech and smart financing solutions for farmers in Asia, helping them introduce methane-reducing practices.

Co-founder David C.Y. Chen - known on LinkedIn as "that rice guy" - is a true rice value chain expert with 15 years hands on experience working with rice farmers, millers etc.

Great to have David and a team as part of Better Bite Ventures portfolio.

Cannot wait to see all the positive impact of their work.

More via Green Queen Media.