New investment: 70/30

Michal Klar
Michal Klar
min read
Feb 23, 2024

Co-founded by Eve Samyuktha and Mike Huang, 70/30 Food Tech is developing low-cost whole-cut mycelium protein solutions.

At Better Bite, we believe that to win the hearts and stomachs of consumers in Asia, food tech startups need to provide tasty, nutritious and affordable products based on familiar ingredients.

Mycelium, sometimes described as "mushroom root" fits this description.

Fungi in various forms are loved by Asian consumers for their nutritional qualities and taste profile.

70/30 introduced first hybrid mushroom+soy protein products for B2B clients. One of the launch partners is Guaka, the chain specializing in light and healthy food, targeting white-collar workers in China, with an estimated 1 million end consumers across all locations.

The startup is also working to get its mycelium certified as a carbon-neutral food.