New investment: Miruku

Michal Klar
Michal Klar
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May 25, 2022

The first molecular farming startup in Asia Pacific, Miruku has come out of stealth and we’re proud to be an investor.

Here’s why:

We believe a multi-technology approach is necessary to get to a more sustainable food system and replace industrial animal agriculture.

At Better Bite we’ve previously supported plant-based, cell-based and precision fermentation startups from across Asia Pacific. This is our first molecular farming investment.

What is molecular farming? TechCrunch explains: "Miruku… is applying its molecular farming process to program plant cells to be mini-factories for producing proteins and other molecules, like fats and sugars, traditionally made by animals."

Plants are effectively acting as bioreactors, powered by the sun.

Molecular farming is an emerging technology that has been previously used in biopharmaceutical applications.

When applied to food, it can ultimately transform the way we make dairy products, making them more sustainable. And because it is all made by plants, once the technology is developed there are scaling and cost efficiency advantages that should help pass price parity in time.

We are really impressed by the founding team. We usually look for a balanced mix of relevant science and entrepreneurship backgrounds and that's exactly what we found in Miruku.

Amos Palfreyman and Ira Bing are bringing business leadership and relevant networks/relationships in the food sector. Miruku won't be successful in isolation, smart partnerships along the way will be key.

And professors Oded Shoseyov and Harjinder Singh and world renowned experts in (respectively) expressing proteins in plants and formulating fantastic dairy products.

Thanks for your trust, team Miruku, and a chance to be part of this seed round alongside our friends from Movac, Ahimsa and Aspire funds.

The journey continues 🌱🚀

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