Hello world, from Asia.

Simon Newstead
Simon Newstead
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Feb 22, 2022

Today we launch Better Bite Ventures, the first alt protein fund dedicated to the APAC region.

It’s been a wild rush over the past few weeks to get ready. 

But now, a few hours from launch, things are in place and it’s a chance to pause and reflect.

Why Asia and why now?

Just over a year ago, Michal and I were chatting about how to have more impact.

Both of us had grown aware of the effects of animal agriculture on the planet, and had been living plant-based for years.

We’d started angel investing together in plant-based and cell-ag companies around the world. 

We’d even started a vegan food startup to get hands-on experience (we’d run companies before in tech but not food).

But as we were talking that day, something struck us as odd.

We were living in APAC, the largest and fastest-growing consumer of meat in the world. Yet the amount of dollars invested in alt protein here was far smaller than in the west.

It seemed like a huge disconnect and the more we talked, the more convinced we became that this needed to change.

So we decided to take the leap - to try and start a fund that could invest into a lot more startups than we could have as angels, and accelerate progress across Asia.

We had no idea if it was going to fly.

How do you even start a VC?

Could we even raise the funds needed?

We decided to find out…

New beginning

Thankfully we gained support from folks around the world who also see the potential in Asia - and helped us turn the idea into reality with today's launch.

We also launch our new fund with investments in 10 exciting companies - their awesome founders are the first members of what will be a growing “Better Bite tribe” - and we’re thankful for their trust in us.

Thinking about the future, we’re ready for the challenge and feeling optimistic.

Over coming years, technology will change what’s possible when it comes to alternatives to meat, dairy, eggs and seafood.

Founders will dream big, and their companies will reach generations of consumers across the region.

The food system in the world’s most populous region will move to one that’s better for people, animals and planet.

Let’s begin.